Crepe Erase Intensive Body Repair Treatment

Crepe Definition:  a light, thin fabric with a wrinkled surface.

Seriously, if you take out the word “fabric” in the above definition then you have a pretty good picture of what my knees and elbows look like.

With age (43 years to be exact) my skin has begun to lose elasticity causing it to appear more wrinkled and yes, “crepey” is a good word, especially on places like my hands, knees and elbows.  These are three places that I never would have thought of for giving away my age first.  However, they are right up there with fine lines and wrinkles around my eyes.

Crepe Erase Side Effects, a line of products from Guthy-Renker talks about their products being the new way to transform aging skin.  They even back the product with a 60-day money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied, minus shipping & handling, which I think sounds pretty fair.  So what did I think about the product after trying it on my skin?


This is a picture of my left knee before and after using Crepe Erase for right at a month.  The coloring is off, because I know I haven’t gotten that much of a tan in the past month.  Otherwise, I tried to get the after picture to as close to the before picture as I could.


I had originally thought the product hadn’t done much, but after seeing the pictures side by side, I was surprised.  My skin obviously looks less wrinkled and even the creases seem to be less defined.  Some of that could be from less or more bending of the knee when taking the picture, but either way there was more of a difference than I expected.




The Crepe Erase Exfoliating Body Polish comes in a 3.5 Fl Oz. tube.  The amount you see in my hand above is enough to do both elbows.  Very little product goes a long way, so the tube lasts longer than you would expect.


The exfoliating body polish seems to do a nice job at preparing the skin for the Crepe Erase Intensive Body Repair Treatment.   It is easily added to your daily routine by placing it in the shower or leaving by the bathroom sink.


This first step is important for the healthy promotion of cell turnover and contains the breakthrough firming complex, TruFirm.


Crepe Erase Intensive Body Repair Treatment


The Crepe Erase Intensive Body Repair Treatment is the second step in this product line.  It’s a wonderful feeling body cream that provides great moisture.


It also contains the exclusive skin firming complex, TruFirm.  It is made with a blend of botanicals that help to lessen the appearance of ‘crepey” skin.   I found the cream to be very rich, requiring very little product to get the job done.


My favorite part of both products was the fragrance.  It is a very pleasant scent and not overpowering at all like some products can be.


Overall Opinion


My overall experience with Crepe Erase was a good one. I felt like I got results after using for only a month, so I will continue to use until the products run out.


The scent is one that I absolutely love, so I would hate to not continue to use it on that aspect alone. The only issue I have is with ordering online and being set up on a reoccurring order. I prefer to order a product only when I choose to.


Be aware of how their ordering goes before making your purchase so you don’t end up an unhappy customer when your credit card statement arrives.


Maria, I actually only used it once a day. The biggest difference I noticed in my skin was the softness in the area I used it. I think if it isn’t working, the best thing to do is not purchase it again. I have found that some things work for some while others don’t. Since they offer the 6 week guarantee, send it back before that time expires for your money back. Hope that helps.

I have been using Crepe Erase for just less than a month and I can’t believe the difference, I am such a sceptic when I comes to creams and lotions, Ihave had cosmetic surgery because I don’t believe all the cream scams but I can honestly say that my creepy arms, neck, chest and knees look way better I just wish I had taken some before pictures.


I have never used this product but I think it depends more on how old you are. I am in my late 60’s so my crepy skin has developed over the years. 10 or 15 years can make a huge difference on whether or not you get the results you want. I think people should know your age so they can determine their conclusion based on that.


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